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What does it do?

SoundDog is a simple QuickTime-based applescript droplet that acts as a sound inspector. It is designed to be placed in your Dock so that you can quickly drag and drop any audio file(s) onto SoundDog's icon to hear playback and view a detailed description of the file. Current version is v1.0.5.

System Requirements

Information Displayed

Download and Installation

Download the SoundDog v1.05 disk image. Updated for Mavericks: Mount it on your desktop and copy the application to the Applications Folder on your startup volume. Place the application in your dock for easy access at all times.

To place SoundDog in the Finder window toolbar, hold the command key while dragging the icon there.


For PowerPC computers you will need SoundDog v1.03


Drag and Drop the audio file(s) in question onto the SoundDog icon and it will launch QuickTime to play the file and display its properties.

Click on 'Stop Playback' to halt playback, "Continue" to resume. Click on 'Close this Audio File' to close the display and the current QuickTime transport. If you have dropped multiple files clicking on 'Close' will then open the next file in sequence.

You can also use the QuickTime transport to control playback of the current file.


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Known Issues



Please email me to let me know of any difficulties you encounter, suggestions you have or just to say hi.

Jim Longo
January 2014

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